Immerse Yourself in the National Park Experience from Your Accommodation

If the white glory is turning the formerly green scenic into a glittery winter land the winter athletes are drawn to us. Skiing, cross-country skiing, sledging or going on a ski tour, there is something for every age level.
The summer at our place offers many opportunities: hiking, climbing, biking, swimming in the clear lakes of the region and many more. The late summer, also if the highest summits of the mountains are still free of snow, attracts the alpinists.
The combined in the initiative Bergsteigerdörfer the Austrian Alpine Club Mountaineering towns are pioneers in their regions. Therefore, the mountains and mountaineering in, ...
Our municipality is member of the Alpine Pearls Association and specializes on environmentally friendly tourism: We pledge that we will offer our guests an environmentally sustainable, ...
When the winter leaves the Alps, the spring arrives and the first crocuses are in flower in the calmest time in the mountains. Only if the sun is strong enough to get titillation back onto our skin the first bikers and climbers are coming to Mallnitz.

Our guests are mostly enterprising and appreciate our friendly atmosphere - and also we will appreciate it if you " fiddle " feel with us .