Bergsteigerdörfer (Mountaineers Villages)

Bergsteigerdörfer - enjoy and relax

The combined in the initiative Bergsteigerdörfer the Austrian Alpine Club Mountaineering towns are pioneers in their regions. Therefore, the mountains and mountaineering in the cultural self-image of locals and guests have a high value. Here the consciousness is still alive on the necessary harmony between man and nature and to respect natural limits .

The Bergsteigerdörfer of the Alpine Club meet in a special way so that the objectives of the Alpine Convention, which aims at sustainable development in the Alps .
This mountain village is this Mallnitz Alpine Club project since 2008 part .

The place has joined in recent years further environmental pioneers like"ALPINE PEARLS", "E5" and the "Climate Alliance" and so represents a sustainable and nature conservation-oriented community. Due to this effect in the highly complementary initiatives , the awareness of the population and the appreciation of the guests has changed .

The mountains around Mallnitz in Carinthia's share of the Hohe Tauern National Park is now a well developed area for tourists - without serious intervention in the alpine landscape . A variety of hiking trails and climbing and especially numerous shelters surround the Tauernort . These trails and huts are the basis for the summer tourism in the 1,000 -strong population .

The mountain village partners warmly welcome

In the mountain village of partner businesses in the valley you get as a member of the Alpine Club 10% discount on the standard offer ( night ) .Please specify when booking if you are a member of an Alpine club or not , and note also that the landlord can not give this discount when you book through another commercial booking platform .
On the Alpine Club huts you get the usual discounts as a member of the Alpine Club.