Infrared heat cabin

New from winter 2021/22!

Enjoy our new infrared heat cabin from KLAFS.

Heat absorption in infrared heat cabins In the infrared heat cabins, the heat is largely absorbed by radiant heat from IR radiators. The heat absorption by the heated air plays a subordinate role. The long-wave infrared C rays have a particularly gentle and gentle effect on the body.

What are the health benefits of the infrared cabin?
The mild radiant heat gets gently under the skin and is a real miracle weapon against the following complaints: - an increase in body core temperature for health prophylaxis - a relief for the kidneys - a reduction in blood pressure - an improvement in peripheral blood circulation - an increase in pulse rate - an increase in the flow properties of the blood - a Widening of the peripheral vessels - better blood circulation in the skin and thus a better supply of oxygen and nutrients.